Aschenputtel #1: A rich man’s wife fell sick and, feeling that her end was near, called her only daughter to her bedside…


Aschenputtel #2: Every day the little girl went out to her mother’s grave and wept.

Aschenputtel #3: Her father’s new wife brought two daughters into the house. Their faces were beautiful but their hearts were ugly and cruel.

Aschenputtel #4: The sisters did everything they could to plague her. They jeered at her and poured peas and lentils into the ashes, so that she had to sit there picking them out.

Aschenputtel #9:They called Aschenputtel and said: “Comb our hair, brush our shoes, and fasten our buckles. We’re going to the celebration at the king’s palace.”



Gucci Preoccupation #3 (work in progress):

Gucci Milan Fashion Week, March 2018


Gucci Preoccupation #2:

Gucci Tiger, March 2018

I’m fascinated by the Gucci ads in the last couple of months of Vogue:

Gucci Bemoan, February 2018


Genevieve in the Forest, after Adrian Ludwig Richter, 2017


Character design for School Girl, Mechanookie radio play, 2012

Character design for Robot Girl, Mechanookie radio play, 2012

Character designs for “Good Morning Yum Yum,” 2017

“Duran Duran” from How To Write A Song, 2017

“An Adult Contemporary Songwriter” from How To Write A Song, 2017

Queen Bastard character design for Folk Bastards, 2017

Buck Wildhair character design for Street Canoe, 2017

Logo/bass drum head design for The Cobra Lilies, 2009


Cover illustration for “Let’s Be Best Friends In Space” 45 rpm single by The Monolators, 2008