Album Covers

This is an ongoing project started in the Fall of 2018 as an excuse to learn how to paint in watercolor. In college I used to buy old unwanted LPs with ridiculous cover art at the Ann Arbor, MI public library’s book sale for 20 cents apiece. These aren’t them, but I thought I’d try making my own cover art for imaginary albums.

Wanda Borowczyk, “Le Labbra Di Cera.”
Lilian Moss-Buttons, “Heart of a Lover, Lips of a Badger.”
Buddy Winks, “Reggae & Me” on Wink Records
Vodj Vodjvojanov with Cecilia Scarab-Damask, “Human Fur” on A-Probe Records
Abbronzandosi’s “L’Enorme Esplosione” on Voci Ripugnanti