Illustrations of the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale. Aschenputtel is a variation of the Cinderella story, but much bloodier. There are no fairy godmothers, and the wicked stepsisters are beautiful (though evil), not ugly.

These illustrations are drawn by hand and colored digitally.

A coloring book based on these illustrations is available here via Amazon.

Every day the little girl went out to her mother’s grave and wept.
Her father’s new wife brought two daughters into the house. Their faces were beautiful but their hearts were ugly and cruel.
The girl went out the back door to the garden and cried out: ‘O tame little doves, and all the birds under heaven, come and help me!’
Whereupon the little doves tossed down a gold and silver dress and slippers embroidered with silk and silver.
She climbed among the branches as nimbly as a squirrel and the king’s son didn’t know what had become of her.
When she appeared at the palace, the people were too amazed to speak.
The two doves were sitting in the hazel tree and cried out: ‘There’s blood in the shoe, there’s blood in the shoe.’
He looked down at her foot and saw that blood was spurting from the second stepsister’s shoe and staining her gown all red.
Aschenputtel washed her face and hands and went upstairs to try the tiny golden slipper on. It fit perfectly.
On the day of Aschenputtel’s wedding, the two stepsisters tried to flatter her and share in her happiness, but the doves flew down and pecked out their eyes.
The Aschenputtel Coloring Book