How To Write A Song

Here’s the new site and, to celebrate, I have written and illustrated a brand-new, extremely informational  tract/book/zine:  How To Write A Song.

Yes, it’s a step-by-step guide to writing your very own song!  It contains several footnotes, color illustrations (finally!) and useful information on such subjects as: what to wear while writing songs, where lyrics come from, how folk music can kill you, and much, much more.  I think you’ll find that it’s a unique resource that differs in certain key respects from the standard literature on the subject.  Can you tell what they are?  I’m sure you can.  Enjoy.

“An Adult Contemporary Songwriter” from How To Write A Song, 2017

Note: I have not as yet produced a print version of this title, but it’s definitely in the works.  I hope.

Here’s a sample page:

You can read/download the entire thing here.

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